Converting scientific pitch notation to piano key number and vice versa

One difficulty that developers may encounter when integrating audio, sound, and/or music into an application is what I call the Pitch Label Problems. These problems arise from the fact that there are many different systems used for labeling pitch and that converting a pitch’s label in one system to its label in another is a process that can be quite difficult for humans to do and even more difficult for humans to translate into code.

There is Helmholtz pitch notation, in which each note, from A through G in both upper and lower case, is labeled using the sub- and…

How to Play an MP3 on the Click of a Button

  • Create a new directory by opening a code editor and entering this command in your CLI:
mkdir directory-name-here
  • cd into your newly created directory by entering this command in your CLI:
cd directory-name-here
  • Create a new ReactJS application by entering this command in your CLI:
npx create-react-app app-name-here
  • cd into your newly-created application by entering this command in your CLI:
cd app-name-here
  • Get your application running in your browser by entering this command in your CLI:
npm start
  • Install howler.js by entering the command below in your CLI. Howler.js…

A step-by-step breakdown of an effective Git workflow

A Git workflow is a system that a development team uses to efficiently build projects in tandem. Workflows provide us with approaches we can use to share code with one and other in an organized manner. There are many different workflows, but the one described in this article is tried-and-true. The sequence below is inspired by Git workflows described by Michelle Rios and Sylwia Vargas, two phenomenal developers and programming instructors.

1. One teammate creates the repository on Github.

  • On GitHub, click the plus sign in the top right corner.

The only Visual Studio Code keyboard shortcuts you’ll ever need.

Image Copyright © 2021 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

While it may be annoying to memorize keyboard shortcuts, the time you invest learning them pays dividends in the long run. Once you know these shortcuts, you’ll be a much faster developer. They help you complete coding exams on time, work through projects efficiently, and stand out from the pack when you’re interviewing for jobs. VS Code offers over 100 keyboard shortcuts, but a lot of them don’t get used very often, so I’ve collected a small handful that come in handy all the time. I’ve divided them into various categories by the purpose they serve. …

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Software engineering student at Flatiron School in New York City

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